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A Guide to Uncrossing the Stars

The Project

A blog from the point of view of Juliet as the story progresses. No specific word count for each post, but the total word count of all the posts will be 2000+ (approximately 400 words per act). Posts will include the thoughts of Juliet as I interpret them and slightly modernized versions of famous Romeo and Juliet quotes--the original quote and citations will be found in another page on the website. The posts will be written in a modernized setting with a modern medium and voice. (Similar to a retelling).

*A few aspects of the play, such as the rushed timeline, will be altered for credibility. 

Enter, Stage Right

Act I
Masked Mysteries
A Love Born From Hate

Act II
Heart Over Head...Over Heels
I'm Going to Die

It's a Curse
Doomsday Comes
Most Wicked Things

Act IV
Roses Fade

Act V
Exit, Stage Left. Farewell

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