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Monday, July 28, 2014

It's a Curse

I'm in shock right now. Utter shock.
I was sort of happy about being married to Remy, I'll admit. We've talked about it and instead of getting it annulled, we're going to stay married. We were happy about it too, for the short time that we could be.

I have (had) this insane cousin called Tyler. He's had a few anger management issues in the past. We sent him to a school in Manhattan to stay out of trouble and he went to some therapy--learned krav maga and fencing as some kind of coping method while he was over there. He's...involved in the family business and undoubtedly loyal. Loyal to the point where he absolutely hates any Montague he sees, on sight. He flew down to visit the main family for the summer and...I guess he saw me with Remy or something because when he next saw Remy, he drew a gun. 

And Marcus was with him. I'm not quite sure what happened, but Marcus started talking crap and Tyler started waving the gun around, then Remy jumped between them and then...Tyler shot Marcus. He was trying to shoot Remy, but missed and shot Marcus in his abdomen. It didn't go in deep, just a flesh wound really, but he bled out and...apparently he blamed Remy for it. Oh my God Remy. He had to watch his best friend die and then blame him for it. 

That's not all of it though. Because when Remy found out Marcus died, he got in a rage and shoved Tyler who hit his head and...died. Benjamin, Remy's cousin was with them and told the cops and everyone what happened and now they're searching for Remy.  I never really loved Tyler, but he was family and Remy...killed him. 

But he didn't mean to do it--he wanted to hurt the man who killed his best friend, and who could blame him? Oh God, Remy. They're going to send him to jail for life. We haven't even been married a full day, not really, and he's...oh my God. Oh my God Remy. 

He's going to be fine. It'll be okay. It's all going to be okay. Oh God. Fate and fortune be with us. Maybe it's time to pull out the rabbit foot and horseshoe. 

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