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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Love Born From Hate

So I've discovered Mystery Boy's name. And it kills me. 

Cheerleading time: Give me an M-O-N-T-A-G-U-E. What does that spell? 
The family my family hates and the one that's trying to run us into the ground. 
I don't agree with half of my parents' business decisions, but...ugh. I have to admit, I do feel the tiniest bit guilty about doing this.

After the party, I honestly didn't think I'd see him again, but Nancy, being the social butterfly that she is, knows everyone. And I mean everyone. So I may have stalked her Facebook friends list until I came across a profile picture that had Mystery Guy in it. Except, also in the picture was Marcus. In fact, it was Marcus' s Facebook account. The caption of the picture? "Remy being mopey and Marcus being awesome." Ignoring the complete obnoxiousness of that statement--

Remy. The only Remy Marcus knew--that anyone knew--was Remy Montague. 
Freaking heir to the Montague fortune and the Montague hatred

Ironically, you know what my fortune cookie said, the day before I found out? "Love born from hate only ends in tragedy." Not quite sure what the connection is, but there's one somewhere in there. Thanks though, Fate.

Dammit though, he's a Montague. Of all the people I liked and could possibly have loved, if we're going that far, he had to be a Montague? I mean, seriously, there are dozens upon dozens of fishes in the sea, and the one I dredge up and happen to like turns out to be poisonous. I can't even with my luck.

Well. That's the end of that.


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