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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Most Wicked Things

This blog has officially been set to private except for a few of my frequent commentors/viewers, but no one else has access to this. Not even Nancy. Especially not Nancy.

I managed to track down Remy before he went completely into hiding by sending him a letter through Brian, and he came to my rooms yesterday. (Climbed some vines that run up to my room. It'd be romantic if not for the situation we're both in.) He wasn't happy after finding out about Pierre and we agreed that we'd run away together. It may sound dramatic, but honestly it's the only choice. With my dad's...violent temper, he won't rest until I'm married to Pierre and I'm already married. I can't do that. With our parents' businesses, we have plenty of ties to people who can smuggle us out of the country. And it has to be out of the country. Our parents would give up at nothing to find us, and they'd find us if we stayed in the US. They'd find us. You can't understand the lengths our parents will go to to control us or get what they want. My mom's threatened to send someone after Remy. And I'm afraid she's not joking. My parents don't joke.

Despite all of that though, Remy and I managed to tease each other throughout the night. We laughed and smiled and kissed and it would've been amazing if it wasn't for the fact that Remy was officially wanted and that if anyone saw him here, I'd have been screwed to next Thursday.
I tried not to dwell on that though because he was there and he was real and he was mine. We talked about everything underneath the sky--and above it, especially the stars and the birds that soared under them. We'd be as free as them, free of our parents soon enough. We could do this.

When he left though, Nancy came bursting in my room. Her eyes were ablaze and when my door slammed shut she started screaming at me, asking me how I could still be with him after what he did to Tyler. She kept saying that I had Pierre, why couldn't I just date him? That Pierre was better than Remy, that Remy was nothing. That he was a dishcloth and a demon many words that made me blind with fury. Then she told me that if I didn't break it off, she'd tell my parents about it.

How dare she. How dare she call him all those things when she'd been in full support of our relationship before. How freaking dare she. How dare she threaten me with something like that, something she know could get me killed.

I'm on my own now. It's just me and Remy. I can't trust someone who called him a demon (if anyone is, it's her) and I can't trust someone who threatened to tell my parents.

I can't trust her.

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