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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Love Born From Hate

So I've discovered Mystery Boy's name. And it kills me. 

Cheerleading time: Give me an M-O-N-T-A-G-U-E. What does that spell? 
The family my family hates and the one that's trying to run us into the ground. 
I don't agree with half of my parents' business decisions, but...ugh. I have to admit, I do feel the tiniest bit guilty about doing this.

After the party, I honestly didn't think I'd see him again, but Nancy, being the social butterfly that she is, knows everyone. And I mean everyone. So I may have stalked her Facebook friends list until I came across a profile picture that had Mystery Guy in it. Except, also in the picture was Marcus. In fact, it was Marcus' s Facebook account. The caption of the picture? "Remy being mopey and Marcus being awesome." Ignoring the complete obnoxiousness of that statement--

Remy. The only Remy Marcus knew--that anyone knew--was Remy Montague. 
Freaking heir to the Montague fortune and the Montague hatred

Ironically, you know what my fortune cookie said, the day before I found out? "Love born from hate only ends in tragedy." Not quite sure what the connection is, but there's one somewhere in there. Thanks though, Fate.

Dammit though, he's a Montague. Of all the people I liked and could possibly have loved, if we're going that far, he had to be a Montague? I mean, seriously, there are dozens upon dozens of fishes in the sea, and the one I dredge up and happen to like turns out to be poisonous. I can't even with my luck.

Well. That's the end of that.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Masked Mysteries

Well guys, things have turned as interesting as I'd thought it would.  And by interesting, I mean sort of sucky. 

But you're going to need some backstory before I get into the nitty gritty.

So my parents run a business, right? Right. And like any business (but particularly this one), we have competition,  we have business partners--and then there are people we want to be partners with. Basically the people we suck up and give blinding smiles to. (We become masters of bs in front of them.)
There's this we want to do business with. Importing and exporting in Europe, though mainly the France/Italy area. The head family's name is Price--undoubtedly ironic since they never seem to settle on a price.  We've spent years pampering and flattering the senior Mr. Price's nephew who came here to inspect possible clients, but he's become best friends with our competitor's heir. We didn't give up hope, but every time Marcus says "I'll see what I can do", even an infant could tell you he's not on our side. And trust me, we've tried bribery (and I'm pretty sure the Montagues, our competition, have too), but he won't agree to anything. 
Which may be part of why Mr. Price and his son Pierre decided to come overseas and assess their options themselves. I doubt they trust Marcus's judgement--and really who would? He's kind of a tool.  
You want to know what mom said when my parents found out that they were coming, though? "Make sure Pierre shows some interest in you. Make sure you show some interest back." In case you didn't catch that folks, she wanted me to basically seduce Pierre. A random 17 year old. My own mother. Here's the kicker though: "Rose's too invaluable to the business and we can't have her wrapped up in a guy or distracted by other duties." Yeah. There's Rose being Better Than Julia once again. 

Thanks mom. I was tempted to do it just so that when we closed the business deal, I could claim credit and shove it in my sister's face. 

But...I didn't. Here's what happened: 
We threw a party the night after the Prices arrived. Masquerade ball actually. (Sidenote: I had the most gorgeous ensemble: white dress, gold accents, and a half mask that was lined with feathers.) Everyone had masks so you could barely tell who was who. 
Well, I mean, you could tell who the Prices and Capulets (my family) were if you got here early enough for the speech, but I digress. 
So everything's going well. I'm talking with Pierre here and there, but definitely not paying him as much attention as my parents want, and if we're being honest, he was kind of a bore. I mainly took refuge with my best friend Nancy until she went to do her parents' bidding and socialize. 

Then. Then I fell in love. I swear to you it was love at first sight. 
Lol yeah no. 
There was this one guy who wasn't taking part in the festivities at all--the kind of guy you notice too. Maybe the same age as Pierre. Gold mop of hair. Dazzling smile (and by dazzling, I mean dazzling). So who was I to resist when he comes up to me and asks me to dance? 
Especially when he called me "Angel". Yeah, I was pretty much swooning at this point. Or maybe a bit tipsy. Either way I ended up staying near him for the rest of the night and we talked about any random topic we could think of (at one point we ended up on the topic of religion. How strange is that?), and then...well I'm pretty sure he meant to kiss me. I sort of swerved and he ended up kissing my cheek.  He was a quick thinker though; kissing my other cheek, he said ciao and started to leave. I figured I'd see him around sooner or later--after all, if he got into this party, he had to be someone important. 
Then Nancy comes back from being a social butterfly, a strained smile on her face (I feel you, Nancy. I feel you.) and for some reason I just...don't tell her about him. I dunno, I sort of want to keep him as my secret, you know? For all I know I won't even meet him ever again. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enter, Stage Right

WELCOME! I won't bother with introductions since this is more for me than the audience (for once). If you're curious, though, you can find out more about me
This blog mainly just exists because at this point, my life isn't really mine anymore. If anything, it seems to belong to my parents who are wrangling me into being their perfect daughter. I mean, you'd think they'd be happy with Rose who's pretty much the epitome of perfection. But no. Both of their daughters have to be straight-A, pretty-faced socialites dedicated to the family business. Seriously? 

Honestly, it's always about Rose, even when they're talking about me. "Why can't you get higher grades like Rose?" "Why can't you get involved in the family business?" "Why can't you get your head out of the clouds?" "Rose is attending an infamous Catholic school and you want to go to public school?"

And in case you didn't catch that, yes; my parents are those white collared rich people.. You don't really need to know the details, but let's just say they're the CEO and CMO of a certain company. I'd rather not specify though, since being kidnapped and held for ransom? Not exactly on my bucket list. 

Stay tuned for the drama of my life--in less than a week, there's probably going to be enough updates to cover 2 hours of straight reading. 

P.S. Yes, I do want to go to public school, Mom.