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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Heart Over Head...Over Heels

So that wasn't the end of that.

I may or may not have run into Remy and may or may not have been meeting up with him for the past month. And by run into Remy, I mean I was at a mini party (but if anyone asks it was a study group, yes?) and I took a quick breath of fresh air out on the balcony. As Fate would have it, who walks by but the man himself. I don't really see or notice him at first. But then he calls my name, which means he knows my name...which also means he has no reason to call it.

But he does. Over and over again and he won't shut up and I'd been wondering about him.
So I call down to him and I say:
"Where are you? I may be fabulous but I can't see in the dark."
I kid you not, those are my first words to him. SMH. Well at least they were true.

Here's how the rest of it went though:
Me: What are you doing down there?
R: *Shrugs* I was taking a walk and, well, it's sort of hard to miss the loud music. And you're...kind of shiny.
Me: What? 
R: Your dress. It's unbelievably sparkly. It's like a sun and you're kind of blinding me. 
Me: Oh. Sorry.
*Awkward Silence* 
Me: Should I come down? We should probably stop yelling, shouldn't we. 
R: Nah, we're good. 
I walk down anyways.
Me: Hi. 
R: Hi We probably shouldn't be talking to each other, hmm?
Me: What, because of our names? Trust me, I'd give the world not to be a Capulet. It...sort of sucks. 
R: Can't say I don't feel the same way about being a Montague. Usually keeps me from talking to pretty girls. 
Me: That wasn't cheesy at all.
R: What can I say? I try. 
Me: Really? Let's hear some more. 
R: Are you an angel because--
Me: We've all heard that one.
R: You're the moon and I'm the stars and the moon never runs from the stars. 
Me: Bordering on creepy and you realize the moon is pock-marked right. And continually changes. What are you trying to say?

And then we just really talked about random things. We didn't really mention the fact that our families hated each other again (but when you think about it, it's stupid, right? I mean the only thing our parents really hate about each other are their names. Names are random sounds strung together--how does it make any sense that that's what would keep two people apart? Ugh.) and we just talked through the night until--

R: Do you want to go out?
Me: (blushing furiously) I don't a date? If we did it'd have to be out of town though. I think my parents would kill me if they found out I talked to you, much less going out.
R: How about 9 AM at the old church? It's a bit early, but it's the only time I'm really free nowadays and I have a friend at the church who could help us.  

Anyways, since that we've just been meeting up in random places, deflecting suspicion from our parents, etc. No one knows except Remy's friend and he's a priest. Apparently Remy's father figure for the last decade or so--if we can't trust him, who can we trust? And I trust Remy. 

I really like him. May even love him, even though it's only been a month. It's too soon to say that though. It is. It's way too soon.

Is it really though?

Oh my God, it totally is. It utterly, absolutely is. I don't know though. He's sweet and reckless and passionate and he loves to talk. He's adorable when he gets excited, but sometimes he gets so sad it's hard to cheer him up. And here's a confession: sometimes when I can't cheer him up, f

I may love him though. I really might.


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