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Meet the Star-Crossed



Hey! This is sort of my personal blog for All The Things since my life is...well, you could say it's pretty dramatic. Here's to hoping no one finds this blog though, especially not my parents. They would kill me. But what's a girl to do when she needs a good rant?

Anyways, some random facts about me-
  • I'm almost 17 years old
  • I'm Italian on my father's side
  • My life consists of charity events and looking pretty
  • I'm pretty sure girls who depend on guys are the worst. 
  • I love theater and old poetry
  • Roses are my favorite flower
  • I'm the tiniest bit hipster
  • I'm a pisces
  • I know a bit of herbology
  • I may or may not be just a tad superstitious. 
  • I live in Nevada


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