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By Any Other Name

Corresponding Characters
Juliet----->Julia Capulet
Lord and Lady Capulet----->Mr. and Mrs. Capulet
Tybalt----->Tyler Capulet
Romeo----->Remy Montague
Lord and Lady Montague----->Mr. and Mrs. Montague
Benvolio----->Benjamin Montague
Prince Escalus----->Edmund Price
Mercutio----->Marcus Price
Paris----->Pierre Price 
Friar Lawrence----->Brian Lawrence

Corresponding Quotes
"Rose is attending an infamous Catholic school..." (Enter, Stage Right)
"[Rosaline] hath forsworn to love, and in that vow..." (I.i.231)
"...enough updates to cover 2 hours of straight reading..." (Enter, Stage Right)
"Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage." (Prologue. 12)
"Especially when he called me "Angel"" (Masked Mysteries)
"Oh, speak again bright angel" (II.ii.29)
"Dammit though, he's a Montague. Of all the people I liked and could possibly have loved, if we're going that far, he had to be a Montague? I mean, seriously, there are dozens upon dozens of fishes in the sea, and the one I dredge up and happen to like turns out to be poisonous. I can't even with my luck." (A Love Born From Hate)
"My only love sprung from my only hate!" (I.v.152)
"We're having dinner on Thursday." (Doomsday Comes)
"But what say you to Thursday?" (III.v.31)
"I can't trust someone who called him a demon (if anyone is, it's her)" (Most Wicked Things)
"Ancient damnation, O most wicked fiend!"(II.v.248)
"Well, drugs. It's just you and me." (Roses Fade)
"Come, vial" (IV.iii.21)

Julia's masquerade ensemble
Romeo's Angel comparison
Remy's pick up lines in Heart Over Head...Over Heels
Romeo calling her an angel and their talk of the moon. 
"at one point we ended up on the topic of religion. How strange is that?" (Masked Mysteries)
Romeo and Juliet's exchange in Act 1, Scene 5
"Ironically, you know what my fortune cookie said, the day before I found out? "Love born from hate only ends in tragedy." (A Love Born From Hate)
Fate controlling their romance--foreshadowing the end. 
"I feel like I've died a little." (Heart Over Head...Over Heels)
Juliet's demise
It's a Curse
Mercutio's curse on the Capulets and Montagues
We talked about everything underneath the sky--and above it, especially the stars and the birds that soared under them.
Romeo and Juliet's teasing about the dawn.
Doomsday Comes
"What less than doomsday is the Prince's doom?" (III.iii.10)
"I'd have been screwed to next Thursday." (Most Wicked Things)
The wedding being set to Thursday.
"I can't even look him in the face or else I'll start crying." (Roses Fade)
"Poor soul, thy face is much abused with tears." (IV.i.20)
"He was death." (Exit, Stage Left. Farewell)
All the references of Juliet's marriage and death

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