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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exit, Stage Left. Farewell.

It's been a while, and...a lot has happened.

This is Nancy, and I've just managed to figure out Jules's password. (Why RemyMontague wasn't my first guess, I don't know.) So I thought I should update this blog of hers on what's happened. I'm not a huge fan of putting such personal information on the internet, but Jules did what she wanted to.

Yes, that was past tense. If Jules hadn't been so reckless, if she'd let me help...

I'm the one who found Juliet, "dead". I was coming to apologize, you know? I'd yelled at her, I'd said things no friend should, and she was just there, lying on her bed. I thought she was asleep, I swear I did. Then I saw that she wasn't breathing, that her face was pale, and I screamed.

I don't scream.

But I screamed.
This was my best friend, laying on the floor, dead and pale and the laughter gone out of her eyes. I've known her since we were babies in a cradle, and this is the last thing I remember about her. Sunken cheeks, quiet stillness, and a horrendous smile that graced her bluing lips. 

She was taken to the graveyard though, by Brian. We're all blurry on the details of what occurred, but here's what we knew for sure.

Pierre had gone to see if he could give Jules one last thing (a ring. It was a ring with a flower made of crystals) and hid when he heard footsteps. Footsteps that belonged to Remy, who had come here because...we're not sure as to why Brian hadn't told Remy about Jules's temporary state, but he'd thought that Julia was really dead. Or, at least, that's our best guess. Brian hasn't been much of a talker lately (but he's told us the basics). If they let me get my hands on him, he'd talk. Oh, he'd talk...
Either way, Pierre must've surprised Remy or something, because Pierre winds up shot twice in the heart and dead on the ground. Remy dies from alcohol poisoning next to Jules's body, and Jules? She wakes up, sees Remy, and then she shoots herself with the same gun Remy used to kill Pierre. I don't care what Remy and Pierre wanted to do, but dragging Julia into it? If they weren't dead, I would've strangled them myself. 

This is what the world's come to. This is what's happened.
Does that satisfy your curiosity? All the ones who've emailed her, demanding an ending to this story? Does it? She's dead, you know. Because all of you encouraged her. She's gone.

Of course, you wouldn't know that from looking at her parents. The Montagues and Capulets have joined their companies, all of them managing one part of the company. They've teamed up with Mr. Price for overseas headquarters and they're richer than ever. It took less than a week to see Mr. Capulet smile. Mrs. Capulet has been shaken and she still cries at the mention of Jules's name, but she's doing better than me at least. She's manage to erect a statue of her daughter and Remy in the center of the company's HQ foyer. Because that's going to help.

I know why RemyMontague wasn't my first guess for this blog's password. I didn't want to believe he was as large a part of Jules's life as he was. He only knew her for a month, and this is what he did to her. I won't hate him for my best friend's sake, and I know the Capulets have made peace with the Montagues, but Remy Montague will never be remembered as that "nice young boy" as Mrs. Capulet calls him. He was death.


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